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At Project Hope we help families believe in their own possibilities and to break through the barriers that keep them poor. Our running team symbolizes the struggles of our families with their hard work, dedication and commitment to reaching the finish line. Their journey of 26.2 miles, and all the months of training leading up to it, gives us the opportunity to raise vital funds by connecting to new sources of support. Thank you for supporting our team. Your support directly impacts homeless families in Boston. 

2017 Marathon Runners

Meet the wonderful people running on behalf of Project Hope this year:


Amoos Bajwa

Amoos is running his first ever Marathon. He says he is excited to run for Project Hope to support of empowered and independent women. Amoos has been running since he was 16 and he says it makes him feel free. We wish him the best as he prepares for April 17th.

You can help by clicking on his fundraising page here.


Jay Gonzalez

Project Hope is honored to have one of our own board members and recently announced candidate for Governor, Jay Gonzalez as part of our 2017 Marathon team. He loves how running makes him feel and uses it as a time to think. Jay has completed an impressive total of 5 marathons and this will be his second time running the Boston Marathon for Project Hope. He is inspired by the determination of the women & families of Project Hope to overcome whatever obstacles they face, their hard work and their drive toward self-sufficiency and independence.

Please check out Jay’s fundraising page and support his run for Project Hope!


Lizzy Leahy

Welcome Liz Leahy to Project Hope’s Marathon team! Although Liz has run many half marathons and Triathlons, this will be her first marathon. Running has always been a way for Liz to clear her head and finds it the best time to reflect on everything that happened during the day. Liz was inspired watching her roommate run for Project Hope last year and is excited to dedicate her fundraising and training for a great cause.

Help support Liz by checking out her fundraising page!


Joe Pallotta

No stranger to Project Hope, Joe Pallotta is prepares to run his 4th Boston marathon! He has been running for 10 years and loves the idea of supporting Project Hope because it’s a great cause and he likes to be a part of it. He believes anything is possible and encourages the women and families of Project hope to stay positive and remain focused on their goals.

Please help Joe reach his fundraising goal by clicking here.


Jordan Harrison

Project Hope welcomes Jordan Harrison to our Marathon Team. Jordan has run the Maine Marathon twice and has always wanted to run Boston. He believes a lot can be accomplished by treating things like you’re training for a marathon and to put one foot in front of the other and keep doing that over and over. Jordan learned about Project Hope through a friend and is excited to be part of a great cause.

Help support Jordan by clicking on his fundraising link here!


Cyndi Gonzalez

We are very excited to have Cyndi on Project Hope’s marathon team for the second year! Cyndi began running 12 years ago and hasn’t slowed down since. She has run a total of 6 marathons all over the country. She ran with Project Hope in 2015 and said she was hooked by the spirit of the Project Hope team and the amazing women at Project Hope are soul-filling.

Please help support Cyndi reach her marathon goals by clicking here!


Julian Wellesley

Please welcome first time marathon runner Julian Wellesley to Project Hope’s marathon team! Julian was so impressed by the women in the Workforce Development program when helped with interview training at Project Hope that he decided to run with our team.  Julian believes that we can make changes with perseverance and the support of our friends.

Help support Julian by clicking on his fundraising link here!


Erynn Sweeney

First time marathon runner, Erynn Sweeney is excited and nervous to join Project Hope’s marathon team. Erynn wanted to run for Project Hope because there are many larger organization that put together marathon teams, but she wanted to raise awareness for Project Hope. She is excited to raise funds and wear the Project Hope team name on her singlet. We are very excited to have Erynn run for Project Hope.

Please support her by clicking here!


Brett Gordon

Brett Gordon is no stranger to Project Hope, having run with our team since 2013. Living on the marathon route naturally led to running. He started about 15 years ago to stay in shape, make friends and help others. He's run 14 consecutive Boston Marathons and 2 Philadelphia Marathons. Brett runs for our marathon team because he is committed to support amazing women and families.

Please click here to support Brett's run for Project Hope.


Francis Lukenbill

We are very excited to have Francis Lukenbill run for Project Hope for the second time. He has run a total of 5 marathons before. Francis says that Project Hope inspires him to be a better person, train harder, and do something noteworthy for those in need. Running the 2015 Marathon with Project Hope was the highlight of his life and he cannot wait to train and run again to help the lives of others in need.

Please help support Francis by clicking on the link here!


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