Marathon Team

At Project Hope we help families believe in their own possibilities and to break through the barriers that keep them poor. Our running team symbolizes the struggles of our families with their hard work, dedication and commitment to reaching the finish line. Their journey of 26.2 miles, and all the months of training leading up to it, gives us the opportunity to raise vital funds by connecting to new sources of support. Thank you for supporting our team. Your support directly impacts homeless families in Boston.

2019 Marathon Runners

Meet the wonderful people running on behalf of Project Hope this year:

Andrew Oman
Marathon Team runner

Project Hope is excited to welcome first time marathon runner, Andrew Oman! Originally from central Illinois, he currently lives in Dorchester, MA. He currently works for Mr. Sid in Newton as a Men’s fashion buyer. Andrew started running while playing soccer in college. As a Boston resident, and being a parent to daughter who attends school in Boston, he is well aware of the programs and resources available to Boston residents. He is hoping to build a stronger connection to his community by supporting and running with Project Hope. Besides running, Andrew loves to play music.

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Brett Gordon
Marathon Team runner

Brett is no stranger to Project Hope, having run with our team since 2012. Brett started running over 18 years ago to stay in shape and take mental breaks. He has run 17 consecutive Boston Marathons and overall 21 marathons. Brett currently lives in West Newton and works as the Managing Director at HarbourVest Partners. Brett runs for Project Hope because he very much believes in the mission of Project Hope and is eager to give back to his community. Besides running, Brett loves spending time with his family, surfing, and watching the Red Sox win.

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Dan Montero
Marathon Team runner

Dan is no stranger to Project Hope, having run with our team since 2012. He has run five marathons in total, with four being the Boston marathon for Project Hope. Dan currently lives in Naples, Florida and we are grateful to have him back on the team!

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Francis (Luke) Lukenbill
Marathon Team runner

Luke ran with Project Hope’s Boston Marathon team back in 2015 and 2017. He was born in Jordan, New York and spent 26 years in the Navy upon graduation from college. He currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland and works as a Client Executive for IMB supporting Federal Markets. Luke began running in is mid 40’s because of the long-term health benefits of running and being active. Luke says that Project Hope inspires him to be a better person, train harder, and do something noteworthy for those in need. Running the 2015 & 2017 Marathon with Project Hope was the highlight of his life and he cannot wait to train and run again to help the lives of others in need. Besides running, he likes biking, spinning, and hiking.

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Lane Kelleher
Marathon Team runner

Welcome new team member Lane Kelleher to Project Hope’s Boston Marathon team! Passionate about Project Hope’s mission, Lane will be running her first marathon ever. For Lane, someone who grew up and currently lives in Boston, running the Boston Marathon has always been a dream. Lane currently works as a Real Estate Development Associate for Maloney Properties, Inc. She started running in high school for her cross country and track team and loves the sense of community and comradery that comes with the sport. When Lane isn’t running, she loves photography, cooking, and exploring new places.

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Mary O’Connor
Marathon Team runner

Project Hope welcome another first-time marathon runner, Mary O’Connor. Originally from Rhode Island, she currently lives in San Francisco, California as a Business Developer for Square, Inc. She has been an active person her whole life and played basketball in college. She is excited to help create a positive impact. Besides running, Mary enjoys listening to music, reading, and swimming.

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Michael Blum
Marathon Team runner

Please welcome Michael Blum to Project Hope’s marathon team! Although a well-seasoned marathon runner, Michael will be running the Boston Marathon for the first time. He was born and raised in Minnesota, where he currently resides and is a self-employed attorney. Michael began running in 2014 and since has completed eight marathons, along with many half marathons. He enjoys both the solitude and communal aspect of running. He has met many of his closest friend through running in his local running club. Besides running, Michael enjoys reading, buying, and selling classic cars.

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Molly Hagan
Marathon Team runner

Project Hope welcomes Molly Hagan to our Marathon Team. Molly decided to run for Project Hope after volunteering here summer 2018. She loves how Project Hope believes in working alongside the Boston community and how dedicated everyone is at Project Hope. Molly has run the Boston Marathon once before in 2009. She currently resides in Somerville and works as an Outreach Partner at Panorama Education. Molly began running as a kid with her parents, and continued running as an adult. Running helps her relieve stress and feel mentally and physically healthy. Besides running, Molly loves anything outdoors related, especially hiking, snowboarding, and swimming.

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Myla Green
Project Hope is beyond thrilled to welcome Myla Green to our Boston Marathon team this year! Myla has completed three marathons and has run the Boston Marathon before, in 2018. Myla currently lives in Boston and cares deeply about homelessness. She has spent much of her career working for women's rights, including previous work at a domestic violence intake center in a low income neighborhood in Washington D. C. and at a women's resource center in Hyderabad, India. She currently works as the managing coordinator for Dance New England. She started running when she turned 30. She loves noticing the season, being in nature, and clearing her head while running. Besides running, she loves to dance! 
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Savita Goel
Marathon Team runner

Project Hope is excited to welcome Savita Goel to our Boston Marathon team this year!Savita is a survivor of brain tumor surgery. Savita is determined to complete the Abbot World Major Marathon 6 stars challenge, a series consisting of six of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world. So far, she has run three out of the six, and the Boston Marathon would be her fourth star. She has completed a total of eight marathons. She currently works as a consultant for Hagerty Consulting in New York and is originally from Delhi, India. She is deeply invested in Project Hope’s mission and believes in helping people have options to earn a living.

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Smita Kolhatkar
Marathon Team runner

Project Hope welcomes Smita Kolhatkar to the 2019 Boston Marathon team. Smita has completed 12 marathons in total and will be running the Boston Marathon for the first time. She is originally from Mumbai, India and currently lives in Palo Alto, California. She currently serves as the Director of Technology & Innovation for the Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School. Smita started running when she was ten years old and enjoys the spirit of freedom and discovery while running. Having grown up in a city where she saw a lot of poverty, she was immediately drawn to Project Hope’s mission. Besides running, she enjoys photography, hiking, reading, and writing.

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