Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau was founded in 2008 when women in Project Hope's programs asked for the opportunity to publicly share their personal journeys out of homelessness and poverty. They hoped others could learn from their experiences, challenges and successes. The Speakers Bureau created the platform for the women to improve their communication and public speaking skills and connect them with opportunities to share their stories. The Speakers Bureau participants say that sharing their stories allows them to have ownership of their struggles and find strength in their accomplishments.

The Speakers Bureau is comprised of present and former participants who want to develop their communication skills and use those skills to educate the community about issues of poverty and homelessness. These women, our Ambassadors, attend ongoing communication workshops and are ready to share their stories publicly, relating how Project Hope programs helped them attain their educational, career and financial goals.

Speaking Engagements

Project Hope Ambassadors are available to travel to various venues in the greater Boston area to speak about their growth and development at Project Hope. May we suggest a luncheon with a group of Ambassadors or a keynote speech by one of the women at your next Board or Staff meeting? Or create a Community Engagement Project at your Company by encouraging families to donate Gift Cards to families-in-need or participating in our Life Tool Kit project. An Ambassador could prepare the way for such an endeavor.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Groups and Individuals

Volunteer to lead Ambassadors in a workshop on a communication topic of your choice

Workshops on communication topics such as body language, writing presentations, tone, active listening, conversation skills, etc. are held each month, typically on the third Thursday from 6-8PM. We may be able to add special workshops to this schedule, if needed. Project Hope Speakers Bureau staff will work closely with volunteers to assist in the preparation and presentation of the workshop.

Volunteer to host a practice event for the Ambassadors

This is a group volunteer opportunity for 5-15 volunteers that can take place at Project Hope or at another appropriate venue. At the "practice event" your volunteer group will listen to the women's presentations and engage them with questions in small groups. After the presentations, your group will provide feedback to the women on their public speaking skills. We do ask that, as hosts, you cover any related expenses.

For questions please contact Rebecca Heimel at 617-442-1880 x249 or email at rheimel@prohope.org 

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